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Nitzan Ohana

Software Architecture & SDLC Consulting
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Start, Scale and Pivot Effectively.

I've been working with startup companies since 2016 at various growth stages, designing easy-to-write and easy-to-change systems that scale effectively as the company and product grows.

But.. it's not just about the code

I also specialize in crafting optimized workflows for R&D teams which boosts collaboration across the company. Tackling topics as issue management, release strategy and company knowledge sharing. My approach promotes a culture of collaboration and innovation right from the start, joining companies as a strategic force multiplier.

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About me

Served for 7 years in an elite unit in the Israeli Intelligence Corps and worked in various R&D roles in the Israeli hi-tech industry. My background encompasses over 20 years in coding, system design and team management.

My professional experience includes hands-on VP R&D role, building and managing backend, frontend, and data teams, product management and serving as a software architect across the years, helping companies to plan and build new and existing products with the effective choices.

I also dedicate part of my time to non-profit and open-source projects, see some of them here:  Projects

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My Services
Start with the right tools
Expert guidance in selecting the right infrastructure services, frameworks, and libraries, ensuring a solid foundation from codebase structure to CI/CD for effective business growth.
Scale & Pivot
From "Quick and Dirty" to Hypergrowth
Creating a clear roadmap to address bottlenecks and enhance scalability, guiding your company towards strategic and evolutionary growth in all technical aspects.
SDLC Advisory
Less meetings, more productivity
Refining development cycle methodology and tools to match your team's pace, transitioning from lengthy syncs to efficient creation, ensuring you meet business goals while conserving time, energy, and motivation.
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