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Nitzan Ohana

Software Architecture & SDLC Consulting
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Collaborate and Scale Effectively.

Hi, I'm Nitzan. I've been working with startup companies since 2016 at various growth stages, designing efficient and scalable infrastructures. Creating an easy-to-write and easy-to-change systems that scale effectively as the company and product grows.

But.. it's not just about the code

I specialize in crafting optimal planning & development workflows which implement best practices that significantly enhance product validation and execution. My approach promotes a culture of collaboration and innovation right from the start, joining companies as a strategic force multiplier.

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About Me

Served for 7 years in an elite unit in the Israeli Intelligence Corps and worked in various R&D roles in the Israeli hi-tech industry. My background encompasses over 20 years in system design, coding, and team management.

My experience spans hands-on VP R&D role, managing backend, frontend, and data teams, as well as involvement in Product Management. Additionally, serving as a Software Architect across multiple projects and companies has allowed me to cover all technical aspects, from planning to execution.

I also dedicate part of my time to non-profit and open-source projects, see some of them here:  Projects

My Core values
Transparent & Asynchronous Communication
I believe that in a healthy company, you can know what everyone is doing with a single URL. If you need daily meetings and your slack channels are always empty it usually means something is wrong. Most communication of effective organizations happens asynchronously. I help companies cultivate this type of culture which boosts confidence and collaboration among it's members, even if you can't see them 100% of the time.
Helping people, not just the code
I work with people's first. That means they are above everything. My main focus is amplifying people's abilities, and creating infrastructure and workflows which helps them to do their job better and collaborate with others.
Well documented companies are better companies
A strong knowledge base is crucial for communication and productivity. It doesn't matter if it's via Notion, Confluence or any other tool. A shared knowledge base for design, product and development stakeholders, creates a shared language among the different stakeholders and makes company more robust to changes. An always-accessible past and present help you learn from your past mistakes and better plan the future.
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