Nitzan Ohana

Full Stack Consultant

Hi there

I'm Nitzan, a full stack consultant, building systems from scratch and helping companies grow since 2016. My experience includes more than 20 years of hands-on experience in system design, coding and team management.

Served for 7 years in an elite unit in the Israeli Intelligence Corps and worked in various R&D roles in the cyber industry (e.g McAfee, SecDo). I dedicate part of my time to non-profit and open-source projects, see some of them here.

My services

  • System design, building and deployment of new products.
  • Refactoring existing codebases for scale.
  • Adding CI/CD pipelines to build, test and deliver automatically.

Other services

  • Team management (backend and frontend)
  • Technical Interviewing and recruiting.



Latest publications

Personal projects

Enum Converter

NPM library for converting enums from one language to another using AST parsers. Contains CLI, API and a live web version.

TypescriptReactGraphQLVercelOpen Source

Where to dance

Indexes the places who teaches how to dance in Israel. Helps clubs and teachers to manage and publish recorded/online lessons and courses.

ExpressJSReactRest APIVercelCircle CINon-profit

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