Software Architect As-a-Service
Joining your company as a Fractional Software Architect, offering the following services:
Architecture Review
Working along with development managers to optimize the infrastructure to your business needs.
Codebase Organization
Employing clean architecture principles to create and systematically organize codebases, ensuring efficiency and clarity.
Creating and effective fail-first ci/cd process which keeps delivering.
Local Development Environments Setup
Creating docker-based development environments, working seamlessly with your CI/CD
API Design
Whether it's REST API or GraphQL. User facing or M2M. Designing a clear interface for API Services
Executive Consulting
Guidance and mentoring services for CTOs, VP R&Ds and Team Managers.
Team Formation
Assisting in assembling new teams and ensuring their smooth integration into your R&D department, with a focus on nurturing the technical skills of software engineers.
Bottleneck Identification and Resolution
Identifying and resolving critical bottlenecks to enhance development speed and delivery efficiency.
Complex Engineering Problem-Solving
Tackling challenging engineering issues, predominantly in infrastructure, but also encompassing backend and frontend domains.
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